Get instant relief from shoulder pain with the iSideSleep Therapeutic Mattress

Chronic shoulder pain that never seems to go away on a regular flat bed is almost always eliminated immediately on the iSideSleep Therapeutic Mattress. If your sleep better on your side, but have difficulty due to shoulder and arm pain, the iSideSleep Mattress may be right for you. 

The contoured shape of the iSideSleep Positional Mattress removes stress on the arm and shoulder joints allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side. The revolutionary arm channel facilitates a wide variety of arm and shoulder positions allowing you to find the perfect sleep position for you. And the mild incline helps lengthen and align your neck and spine.

          Begin side sleeping in comfort with iSideSleep and start on the path to healthy, pain free shoulders.

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Robert N – Tech Executive - iSideSleep Mattress user since 2008
Sleep related issues: Male 40’s, Heavy snoring, shoulder pain, chronic lower back pain
“I had a shoulder injury from a fall while skiing. I went through Physical Therapy, did a lot of exercises, but my shoulder never got better than 80% and continued to bother me.  iSideSleep really changed my life, it improved my shoulder, and I’m not snoring anymore. I’m sleeping through the night, and have almost no lower back pain, Amazing!”


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